Monday, 26 March 2012

Yesterday was an intensely long day. Sunday's we always go to Point Pleasant park in the mornings, usually we go with my fiance's father and his dog Beau, but this week they couldn't come. Kobi was a little lost without Beau around and needed to get leashed for the remainder of his walk, but we turned it into an opportunity to work on his loose leash walking and he did incredibly well.
Once we got home we settled down to work on our new kitchen island (bye bye training space...), but noticed Scout was grunting a lot and couldn't seem to get comfortable. He is usually the type to flop right on his side and stay there. We also noticed he was drooling profusely, and this is a dog that never drools.
We called the emergency vet and they said it sounded like "Bloat", so we headed over and spent about 4 hours there. We left with no certain answers about his discomfort, they noticed he had a very enlarged prostate but did not appear cancerous and was not connected to his abdominal discomfort. They also noticed his stomach was still full with breakfast which may indicate a blockage so we were sent home with a very very sleepy and confused Scout and told to closely monitor his food input and output.
After all that Kobi and I still had to go to class last night. He surprised me with how well he did, very little barking and pulling towards other dogs, even when coming in and out of class. What impressed me most was Kobi let our trainer walk right up and pet him! All three times he popped his back foot up in the air as she came close to entice her into rubbing his tummy, then he would flip right onto his back and get his tummy rub.
When we got home Scout had a small pee and did eat some food, but I did notice he managed to eat it without chewing a single piece. I'm wondering if he's been doing this a lot and that's what caused the problem. He still hasn't used the bathroom, not last night or this morning, but he seems to be more comfortable and we just need to keep a close eye on him.

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  1. Bloat and blockages are very scary things... sounds like Scout is not suffering from either. I hope he makes a full recovery quickly!