Dog Friendly Places

In my attempt to socialize my puppy Kobi, I've been on the hunt to find dog friendly places that I can take him. I would much rather bring my dogs into stores rather than leave them tied up outside, at home or even stuck in the car. So below are the places that I have found to be dog friendly:

Convenience Stores:
  • Irving Gas station/Circle K on Robie St. is dog friendly and usually has dog treats
  • Petro Canada on the corner of Quinpool and Oxford St.
  • There is a small corner store along Oxford St. near the corner of Liverpool St. that accepts dogs inside and the store owner can often be found with her German Shepard present.
Hardware Stores:
  • All Canadian Tire stores are now dog friendly since changing ownership. The Quinpool Rd. store actually has dog friendly signs and the checkouts have treats.
  • I have not tested it but I have heard that Rona in Bayer's Lake and Piercy's on Robie St. are also dog friendly.
  • Glidden Paints in the Hydrostone.

  • The TD on Quinpool Rd. allows non-aggressive dogs into the branch and the tellers have treats for them.
  • The Lady Hammond Rd. Credit Union happily welcomes dogs.

Pet Specific Stores:
I have yet to encounter a pet store that does not allow pets, but bellow is a list of pet stores around the HRM.
  • Tailwagrrrs- two locations, one on Cunard St. in Halifax and the other is along the Beford Highway across from the Clearwaters
  • House of Dogs- located on Quinpool Rd just up from the Oxford Theater
  • Bark and Fitz- located in downtown Halifax just up from Sweet Janes off Spring Garden Rd.
  • Pet Valu- Has four locations throughout HRM. One downtown, one in Clayton Park, Dartmouth and Bedford.
  • Pets Unlimeted- Has four locations in HRM, one in Bayers Lake, Burnside Dartmouth, Bedford and Cole Harbour.
I will continue to expand on this list as I discover more dog friendly places. If you happen to know of somewhere that I have not mentioned please feel let me know!


  1. Chapters, Kent Building Supply Store, Marks Work Warehouse and Future Shop. That being said, there was no sign saying no dogs allowed and my dog was a good boy..

  2. Going to Canadian Tire Forest Hills today... See how it goes with my dog...

  3. I wonder if the new Bayer's lake store will allow my dog inside

  4. Kent at Mic Mac Mall is pet friendly; at least it was for our little Morky in a travel crate. Personnel offered treats.