Saturday, 24 March 2012

Puppy Photo Shoot

A couple of weeks ago I decided to finally redeem a free photoshoot I had won with Wyse Photography at the seniors expo last summer (I was there promoting Therapy Dog).

Let's just say it was an interesting day. I wanted more pictures of Scout where he is aging, but Scout was only interested in sleeping. 

 My shoulder was still very sore when we got these done, so trying to get the dogs to come and sit with me was very difficult. Scout would flop over then Kobi would get up and run to the photographer whenever she made funny sounds to get their attention.
In the end I do love the photos. I knew this would happen in that I had only won a single 5X7 but left with 8 8X10's because there were so many shots that I loved, but my wallet didn't.

 I thought the team at Wyse Photography did a fantastic job, they certainly know the tricks for getting great shots of pets. I've taken photography classes from them and have worked many of the same promotional events and always loved their work and working with them. I actually have a 15% discount offered to any clients of Wyse Photography of off a customized pet portrait.

As much as I did love the quality of work they did, I will admit I was a little annoyed at their package options. They do not have them posted online and they will not discuss them with you prior to the shoot knowing full well you'll want more shots than you planned and opt for a bigger package. They give out promo material stating packages start at $20 but when there I couldn't even find that option. I was looking at spending no more than $100 and even that was double what I wanted to pay, in the end I left having pad $150 and had to really haggle to get what I wanted and still fell like I left with a ton of prints I will never need. I prefer to have digital images as I have high quality printers to print my works. Also I have very limited space on my walls seeing as how they are currently covered with artwork so I have no where to put these 8 prints that I now have. I plan on framing a couple of the ones with Scout and maybe one day doing a painting of the shot on the bottom, otherwise into storage they go.

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