Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Scout seems to be feeling better. He's eating small amounts, taking treats from us again and drinking small amounts of water. He is peeing just fine (smaller amounts than usual though) but still has yet to poop. We're keeping a close eye on him. There is still a little bit of grunting here and there but his face has come back to life, he isn't an uncomfortable lump on the floor anymore, that being said he's still reluctant to get up unless there is a good reason. He's interested in getting outside.
Kobi and I went to class again last night, last night was the night where we work on the side lines of another class and work on keeping him calm and quiet. Sunday night and the last couple of weeks he's been amazing, I've been very proud of him. Last night though was a disaster. He was showing a lot of behaviors I have never before seen from him and really wasn't sure how to handle them and didn't do a very good job at handling them. He was much more riled up and playful than he's ever been before. He kept running around with his leash in his mouth, he would bark mostly out of frustration rather than barking at other dogs. I got him to do some nose touches to my hands and he was violently ramming his nose into my hands and barking as he did it. I had a friend come with me last night to help and I'm wondering if that's what caused all this new behavior. He's not used to working for people other than me and having someone else giving him treats may have been confusing for him. I'm very appreciative for the help but maybe I'll try again on my own next week and see how he is.

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