About Kobipup

I adopted Kobi as a 12 week old puppy from from the NS SPCA in July of 2011. I started volunteering in the shelter back in May of that year and I knew full well that I would be getting another dog soon enough. At the time I had my older SPCA rescue Scout, a hound mix who excelled in Therapy Dog work. As Scout started showing signs of his age however, it was becoming obvious that he needed to retire from the program and start lazing about at home. What that meant for me though was no more Therapy Dog visits, at least until I got another dog. I knew I wanted to rescue a puppy since I have already rescued two older dogs, and I really wanted to be able to socialize him to become an amazing Therapy Dog. I kept an eye out for a dog that showed all the signs I was looking for in a dog, one that was calm and social. When Kobi showed up at the SPCA from Cape Breton, I knew he had to be mine, I mean we even match!
Since adopting Kobi seven months ago I've been on quite the adventure trying to socialize him, train him and just simply survive puppy hood as a first time puppy owner. I regret not starting this website sooner to document his trials of puppyhood, but better late then never. There are some websites that already deal with dogs in and around Halifax but I thought I would expand on that, sharing my experiences in attempting to find places to socialize my puppy, as well as other general tidbits such as information about training, obedience classes, training aids and just fun things to do with your dog to name a few. I've learned a lot over the past 7 months about how to raise a puppy, and more specifically how to raise them with a goal in mind, so I thought it would be a great idea to share some of what I've learned with others.

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