Wednesday, 28 March 2012

First Portrait in Over a Month!

Yesterday I worked on and finished my first portrait since breaking my collar bone. (It may not be a pet portrait but it's a portrait none the less). It took me about 6 hours to complete and aside from small breaks I worked on it the entire 6 hours. It was done for a friend of mine for her grandmothers birthday today. It's a picture of her grandparents at the train station in Montreal on their way to Halifax in 1947. The original picture was tiny so blowing up the image to a 5X7 took a lot of care and attention to detail.
I always find this halfway stage interesting, especially when drawing two figures, having one come into the 3 dimensional world while the other is still flat and cartoony.
This is the finished image, just showing the difference between the drawing size and photo size.

The final scanned drawing. I always find the scans never look as good, it has a tendency to bring out the grain from the paper, but short of a new dedicated scanner, it's fine for now.

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