Friday, 23 March 2012


My plan of sitting on the porch and doing some "look at that" exercises has failed again. I got everything set up and ready, had his mat on the porch, had a huge bowl of cut up cheese and hot dog, had my clicker, had his leash attached to the railings so I didn't need to worry about holding his leash, and gated off the doorway so that scout could look outside and not feel left out. Sounds great. Wrong. Got him outside and settled and that was fine, however I didn't realize how windy it was today. So the gate fell down with a big slam and Kobi flipped. Then mailbox lid started flapping up and down making him freak out more. Than to make things worse the landlord of the building next door decided to choose that moment to play 20 questions while Kobi is barking and freaking out and Scout is escaping from the fallen gate. After this, it was ruined, Kobi was beyond his threshold and there was no getting back,  every person that walked by was another freak out, the mail box kept flapping and the gate kept falling. I was outside for less than 3 minutes and I managed to ruin Kobi's entire demeanor. He went from being sleepy and calm to now back to being anxious and flipping out at every small sound, regardless of us now being back in the house.

I find it so frustrating when I take the time to set things up right and things totally out of my control just seem to go 100% against me. I want to work with Kobi, I want to help him, but there are just some days when it seems too hard and why do I bother. I know there are good days and bad and based on my posts lately there have been lots of good days and I need to remember them, but sometimes it's not enough, sometimes I just feel like I fail at training, that I fail Kobi and most of all that I fail myself.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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