Thursday, 29 March 2012

Therapy Dog at the NS Safety Conference

Scout is back to his usual self again. So much so that when a last minute call went out for volunteers to help out at the Therapy Dog table at the NS Safety Conference we jumped at the chance. Since Scout retired from Therapy Dog work last year we've be diligent about continuing to attend the promotional events, I love them and Scout loves them. Scout loves them so much he often becomes a traffic speed bump by laying down right in the middle of an aisle of exhibitors in an attempt to say "Ha! You want to continue walk? First a tummy rub is required, then you shall pass!" For this particular event Therapy Dog was in attendance with the rest of St.John's Ambulance, normally Therapy Dog focuses on dog or pet specific event as well as some senior wellness expo's as most the facilities we visit cater to senior care. Regardless of the event, I enjoy getting to tell Scout's story and show him off, well actually he's pretty good at showing himself off.
Scout after a couple hours of Therapy work snoozes happily for the rest of the day.

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