Tuesday, 17 July 2012

SPCA Calendar Contest

It's that time of year again, time to submit your photos of your pets doing their thing, be it lounging, sleeping, running, or creating a mess! It's time to submit your photos to the Nova Scotia SPCA Calendar Photo Contest!!
Each photo costs $5 to submit, but it's $5 towards getting your pet seen thousands, and it helps fund prevention against animal cruelty!
If  you're like me you have hundreds of photos stored away on your computer just waiting to be pulled out into the spot light, so it was never a matter of would I submit pictures, but which ones!!!
In the end I choose 4 pictures to submit, three of Kobi and one of Scout. Scout, as much as I love my boy, is not the most photogenic dog. All my pictures of Scout usually look the same, because all he really does is sleep! Kobi on the other hand is constantly providing opportunities for me to be pulling out my camera.
So these are the photos that I choose to submit. The deadline for the contest is August 15th so get your photos in soon!!



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