Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Hard Work Pays off!

I have been taking Kobi to Point Pleasant Park on Sunday mornings since he was about 4 months old last year. We let him off leash in the off leash areas and walk our way down to the off leash field area near the water. Walking down to the off leash area is still a bit of a challenge where it's usually first thing in the morning, there are lots of other dogs and Kobi is very excited.

I like to try to get Kobi to work on a stay while I unclip his leash and walk away, but I also try to make it fair. If there are lots of other dogs running around  and I know it's too hard then I don't bother.

Every 10 minutes or so we call Kobi to Come. We stand in place and wait for him to come and sit. Because we've spent so long working on this Kobi now has a pretty reliable recall, and the fact that we trained it in the dog park has made it all the stronger. We always make sure to have yummy high reward treats with us though.
I always reward Kobi for choosing to walk calmly beside me off leash. This has taken more work because everything else is so exciting. But by consistently rewarding him beside me then sending him away again, he more often chooses to stay by my side.
Check out the focus!!
Walking loosely  on leash on our way out of the park. Leaving is always so much easier then walking in.

Keep working at it and it will pay off! I always find it amazing how one day things just seem to click for dogs. You struglle for so long then suddenly they just get it and are able to do it.

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