Thursday, 19 April 2012

Representing Therapy Dog

On Tuesday Scout and I went to the SJA Sponsor Luncheon to represent the Therapy Dog program. Scout was his usually self, settled right in and napped in the middle of the floor while people came to either just pet him or find out some information about the program. I did however feel bad for some of the people petting Scout, I think there were lots of white fuzzy shins on black dress pants after saying hello to him. His shedding is getting out of control with his aging. I groomed in with the De-shedding rake for a good half hour the morning of the day before and I would have sworn both times I took an entire other dog off him both times!
The luncheon took place at the Westin which I wasn't aware was a dog friendly hotel until recently. The staff was very accommodating for us, bringing us out water bowls for Scout and letting us out onto a big deck for him to get some air since we were there for about 3 hours. I can tell Scout is starting to get more tired and finds even the promo events hard, but he still loves them. So long as he loves them he'll continue to be an ambassador for the Therapy Dog program.

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