Friday, 20 April 2012

Kobi and I went for a long walk this morning in the Quinpool area to enjoy the amazing weather. Kobi walked loosely most of the way until we went on a side street he hadn't been on before and the smells were overwhelming for him.
On the way back we stopped out in front of St. Pats (now the Quinpool Educational Center) and just sat, Kobi laid in the grass. We stayed for about 5 mins just to work on him being settled with people walking by and lots of noise from the traffic.
We also went to Canadian Tire since I needed a rain suit for motorcycle training this year (don't want to be a drowned rat every other day like I was last year). Canadian Tire was great! Normally he is a bit tense and if people walk by with carts or we round a turn with a person there unexpectedly he barks. All of that happened today and not a sound! He even gladly met of some the surprise people and most of them were men! Once in line he still remained calm and quiet.
After Canadian Tire I stopped at the bank to get some change for work, again the bank can be a hit or miss place, he's had some great stops at the bank and some not so good ones. The line was busy and there were some balloons tied to the banisters which he was clearly nervous of but he still stayed calm, he just did not want to touch them or be near them. A young man came up behind us in line (and he was really tall, usually something that bothers Kobi). This boy could tell he didn't like being toward over so he knelt down and let Kobi meet him and Kobi cuddled right up with him! He was clearly torn between love and attention and treats from me. A couple of other men in the line pet him as well, but the tall boy was clearly Kobi's favourite. Once we got to the counter Kobi put him front feet up to get his treat from the teller than sat quietly while I did my banking.
He also walked perfectly on the rest of the way home and didn't need a single treat to stay there.
I'm constantly amazed with the progress we're making. I'm learning that so long as I have zero expectations of him and stay calm and confident and keep a close eye on his body language, he usually does just fine.
Hopefully next time I'll bring my camera and might be able to get a couple of shots.
In the meantime, enjoy a pooped Kobi!


  1. Sounds like you and Kobi had a great day! Makes me want to find out what places in my area would allow dogs to come inside.

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