Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Happy Birthday Kobi!

Today is Kobi's first birthday! We think! According to his adoption records and the vet estimate today is his birthday. So of course we celebrated. I really enjoy being able to recognize when his birthday is as with both my first dog Baui and then Scout, we adopted them when they were older and didn't know when their birthday was.

To celebrate Kobi's birthday I walked him downtown along with my fiance's mother and sister and their dog Beau. The walk was a bit frustrating, Kobi isn't used to walking with others or downtown so there was a lot of pulling, but I did my best to reward him only when he was loosely at my side.

We went to Bark and Fitz downtown and bought him a Happy Birthday bone along with a doggie brownie for both him and Scout and a large raw bone. I had also wanted to get him some stuffed toys for tugging but they didn't have any.

So off we went to check out pet value. They had a much larger selection and we easily found him a whale that claims to have a squeaker that only dogs to hear, he seemed to hear it, along with a Kong Cozzie shaped like a monkey. Since he was a puppy Kobi has always seemed to be fond of monkey toys (or maybe I am). I will admit the Kong toy I'm a little disspointed with, we did some light tugging on the way home and there is already a hole in the neck area of the toy. I'll repair it but Kong is usually a brand associated with durable products.

Kobi needed some convincing that the brownie and bone were something that he was allowed to eat, unlike Scout who devoured his in a couple of chomps.

Otherwise he's been pretty pooped all day, sleeping and taking it easy. I'll be giving him the bone after dinner to settle down with for the evening.

Happy Birthday Kobi!


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