Saturday, 17 March 2012

What Trick to Train?

Each time I tag along to my friend's agility class I pick up more and more tidbits. Which is great! The problem being  is that I have so many things I already want to keep working and building on. I have at least a half dozen started tricks and behaviors but I need to start focusing and working with one at a time to get it reliable then start using it on a daily basis.
So far I have on the go:
  • Step Up: Getting Kobi to put his front feet onto a textbook and working on higher objects.
  • Rear End Awareness: Getting Kobi to pivot his hind end once on an object.
  • Touch: Getting a high drive touch of his nose into the palm of my hand.
  • Mat: lying down on a specific mat and remaining there silently until released.
Things I have taught but are not refined:
  • Turn left: making a circle around me to the left.
  • Turn right: making a circle around me to the right.
  • Doggie Push Ups: Sitting then lying down then sitting up again repeatedly.
  • Speak: Kobi barks enough as is so I tend to forget to work on this one.
  • Roll Over: Kobi does not like rolling over on our kitchen floor so I often avoid working on it to work on something else. 
With the warm weather returning I'm hoping to get some more motivation for training. It'll also be nice to work on proofing some of Kobi's more well known commands.

And in going along with St. Patrick's Day here is a picture from last year when Scout went to visit the kids at the IWK for St. Patrick's Day.

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