Friday, 16 March 2012

Scared of Snowmen

I decided to take Kobi to the field near our house this morning to let him run around in the snow, one of his favorite things. As we walked up to the field someone had made a small snow man. Kobi noticed the snowman from about 20 feet back and immediately got nervous.

 I took my time walking him into the field, giving him pieces of bread (his new favorite treat). Within 5 minutes he was right next to the snowman and even smelling it. Kobi sometimes get nervous of the strangest things, I never know what they'll be. Apparently when my fiance's parents were taking care of him last week he did not like his father's banjo. Kobi used to be very afraid of bikes and buses passing by but had since gotten used to them. He mostly get nervous around objects such as folding chairs, wheel chairs or anything  else unfamiliar to him. We always try to work with him the same way, giving him lots of treats, throwing some on the ground close to the object and letting him take his time to check it out.

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