Monday, 27 February 2012

Tough Times Ahead

So I haven't been able to post within the last week and sadly won't have too many over the next couple of weeks. Last week right after the doggie expo I went skiing for the first time this year with a couple of friends, and just a couple of runs in I was slammed into by a kid and I fell and broke my right collar bone. So typing is slow since I can't move my shoulder very well but I'm figuring out how to manage things with my left hand. This last week has been touch on everyone, and especially Kobi. Scout my older dog sleeps most of the day so he's not to bothered by my decreased energy and attention. Kobi on the other hand is making it very clear that he wants to get going again. The first few days were the toughest. Our schedule was all off, I needed help walking the two dogs, it was clear I was in pain and I was napping a lot. Kobi started taking it out his frustration by resuming his barking at random sounds (all the time) and had started biting and pulling on his leash again, something he hasn't done since his first couple months home. For the first couple of days he also became more reactive to people and things out on walks again. It was like all our training had just totally disintegrated. Walking alone is enough of a challenge. My right arm is in a sling so i've been using the leash coupler for the two dogs to attach one end to kobi's gentle leader and the other end to one of the loops on my jeans. I've been putting the clicker in my right hand and feeding treats with my free left hand (since the leash is attached to my pants I don't have to worry about the leash). I've been lucky to have family and friends help me get Kobi out for some longer walks and out playing some games to try and tire him out. We managed to get to point pleasant yesterday to let Kobi run for a while, and it was obvious he needed it. I don't think I have ever seen him run so much and so fast! The next few weeks will still be a challenge getting back into a routine is helping to settle things back down, even if that routine is slower and tougher than usual. I did finally receive my copy of Control Unleashed in the mail so I've been reading that. I'm excited to start putting some of the training to practice once my shoulder heals a bit more. I'll post more about the book as I'm able to type more.

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  1. You poor thing! You are very dedicated, still going out for walks and using the clicker even with a broken collar bone. Hope you heal up fast and I'm certain Kobi will understand.