Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Crazy Cheap Training Treats

In my quest to find highly desirable but cheap training treats, I have tried many many things. I've tried making dough type training treats I've tried cutting up existing treats from the grocery stores, but so far the cheapest, highest yield and tastiest treat is cooked hot dogs! A pack of No Name hot dogs at the store costs just under $2, you can cut them any way you like, dry them or keep them raw, and it only takes about a half hour tops if you use the entire pack. They are also very very easy to make, great project to do with kids, just supervise them with the use of a knife. These are so easy I'm still able to make them with my left hand due to my broken collar bone.

Cut the hot dog lengthwise in half, than cut each half lengthwise again to create quarters. (If you're looking for larger treats just cut the hot dog in half, if you want smaller treats cut them lengthwise again).

Once cut into quarters cut down the hot dog, you can cut the slices as thick or thin as you like. If planning on drying them cut them larger than what you want since they will shrivel when cooked. If keeping them raw keep in mind thin slices tend to stick together.

Once all your hot dogs have been cut, spread a single layer of paper towel over a plate and sprinkle the pieces all over the plate. Try to spread them out as best ou can to avoid them sticking together.

Put them in the microwave for 3 minutes on high.

Once done the first 3 minutes, take them out, you can either stop here, they are crispy on the outside but still not totally dried out. If continuing, put a new sheet of paper towel down and try to move the pieces that were on the inside to the outside and put back in the microwave for another 3 minutes.

Allow to cool. If dried out completely these don't need to be refrigerated unless your planning on using them sparingly. With the rate I go through training treats these are gone in a few days.

Good luck with you training!

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