Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Canada Day

I'm usually not the type to go and hang out in crowds and watch kids running and screaming and families spread out on picnic blankets in the shade, but since getting Kobi, getting him into as many crowds as possible has been a goal of mine.
It was hot on Sunday! 33 degrees I believe. But despite the heat we walked down to the Commons to check out the Canada festivities. As usual there bouncy castles, food vendors, stage performances, and lots and lots of people.
I'm not entirely sure how or why, but Kobi is amazing in crowds! This that normally scare him, he doesn't bat an eye at. People that usually terrify him he lets come to say hello, without jumping!!! Sometimes I wish we were in crowds all the time because he is so fantastic in them.
We went with a friend of mine and her yorkie who is also reactive. Harely is nervous with children and of course being a small dog the poor little guy gets swarmed by them! Kobi on the other hand seems to adore kids which is fantastic!
If only Kobi could be so relaxed at home!! 

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  1. Hope you enjoyed Canada Day! Kobi seems to be real calm in that pic!