Friday, 27 April 2012

Rainy Day

Today I had a private lesson scheduled with our trainer to come on a walk with us to help me try to figure out a plan of action for those surprise reactions. The ones that no matter how vigilant and careful you are happen out of no where leaving both you and your dog off guard and then you trying to do damage control. BUT from the moment I opened my eyes this morning I could hear the rain pounding on the window. And not to my surprise I looked out the window and its a downpour. So we've had to reschedule. It was so bad Scout had to be forced outside to pee!

On rainy days like today I like to try and do some extra training with Kobi to get him brain going and help tire him out. I've got lots of great stuff to work on where I am starting agility next week. We got the homework sheet early and I am determined to have a solid start on most of the exercises since I know all the dogs getting excited around him will be more then enough. Right now we're working on building his drive, where I hold him by the collar, toss a toy out and get him to run to the toy as fast as he can. We're also working on having him look down a line of sight, we're still working on his "Give" but he's doing awesome and getting him to drive toys into my hands for me to tug with him. I'll be painting all day each time I get up to take a break I'll do a 30second training session and work on one of those items.

Kobi on the other hand would be content to just go for a jog like usual. He loves the rain. There are days when I seriously regret encouraging him into the water so early, we can't get him out of it now! Scout avoids puddles, Kobi lunges for them. Just 3 minutes in our backyard this morning and he came in just was dirty as he would be from a swampy day at the park!
Enjoy watching him make a mess!

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