Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Puppy Socialization classes

Puppy Socialization classes are an amazing way of getting your puppy to meet lots of other dogs and people. You may be thinking, "why bother with a puppy class, I have plans to socialize my puppy on my own and train my puppy on my own". I started off thinking the same thing. Initially we were signed up for puppy classes because to adopt puppies from the SPCA you must provide proof that you will be attending an obedience class. Kobi was too young for the obedience classes at Sublime Canine so we went for the puppy classes instead. The way it works at Sublime Canine is you can attend drop in classes, so you can go to as many or as few classes as you like. Sadly we only made it to two classes because it fell on nights when I tend to work. From the two that we went to Kobi was a mad barker. This was our first introduction to positive reinforcement training so we didn't come with tasty treats and we were told to just feed him when he was quiet, well he was rarely quiet and had no interest in our food.
At Sublime Canine they work on basic social skills with the puppies, getting the puppies to meet people politely, getting them to meet some of the other puppies politely, start showing you how to gain focus and attention from your puppy and will touch on some obedience such as sit and down. Once you have run through some of the exercises the puppies get a brief play time, working on being able to remove the leash without your puppy  getting crazy excited and bolting, and being able to call your puppy away from play time.
What's great about these classes is you get to socialize your puppy in a controlled environment with a trainer who can help you troubleshoot through some issues and concerns, and most importantly everyone is usually there for the same reason, making things relaxed and fun.
Even if you plan on doing all your own obedience training, giving your puppy a good social foundation is the key to having a well rounded confident dog, and puppy classes help.
Below is a list of training facilities that offer puppy classes:

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