Thursday, 16 February 2012

Check us out at the Doggie Expo!

This weekend is the GPAC Doggie Expo at the Halifax Forum Multipurpose room from 10am to 3pm. I'll be there to get the word out on my pet portraits (Pet Portraits By Zonia Clancy), I'll also be helping out the Therapy Dog table as best I can. I'm planning on bringing Kobi in the morning for a couple of hours then taking my older therapy dog Scout in for the rest of the day. I know it will be hugely overwhelming for Kobi but it's a great training opportunity and socialization opportunity. I've been making treats like crazy in preparation for the copious amounts I'll be giving to him to reward any calm behaviour. I expect a lot of barking, pulling towards strangers and tantrums, but I'll stick through it as best I can and hopefully he gains something from it. I'll be taking Kobi home probably around 11 to get Scout. Scout is bomb proof at these sorts of events. He usually ends up sleeping in the middle of the floor while other dogs and people walk around and over him. Scout is a fantastic Therapy Dog ambassador, he may even wear his T Shirt again.

 But I have to remember I'll be there for my business this time. I'll need to remember to run my own booth. I'll have a couple of pieces of art for sale, some great tug ropes, same ones I make for Kobi. A good friend of mine will also be attending with me, she's made some super cute doggy kerchiefs that she'll be selling as well as taking any orders for knit wear. She makes stunning knitted dog coats.
Kobi sporting the plaid style kerchief that will be for sale.

I look forward to seeing new and familiar faces this year, but do stop by my table, I'll be giving out discount coupons for use towards a portrait as well there will be ballots for a chance to win a FREE pet portrait!

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